Rafting Trip

The rafting trip this year was a little more exciting that usual. The entire Troop had an Out of Boat Experience in the middle of some intense rapids. We were the second and third rafts involved in a 3 boat pile up trying to fit through a chute between two large boulders. 3 of us were swept downriver over the rapids and were rescued by the Girl Scouts – the rest of the Troop ended up stranded on the boulders and were rescued by jumping into the rafts of another Scout troop. The safety protocols all worked as designed, Troop 10 came through with flying colors and it was really inspirational how everyone on the river pulled together to save our rear ends!! The guides were amazing getting our struggling rafters out of the rushing water, up onto the rocks and down river where we all regrouped and completed the trip. Even after all of the chaos everybody had enjoyed the trip.

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