Summer Camp

Resica Falls Scout Reservation
East Stroudsburg, PA
July 9-15, 2023

PricingImportant DatesMerit Badge ProgramRequired Forms

The Basics

Our summer camp this year will be at Resica Falls Scout Reservation. We will be attending week three, which is July 9 to July 15, 2023.

Situated in the beautiful Pocono Mountains, Resica Falls Scout Reservation is a 4200+ acre Scouting Paradise. Set in what seems like an endless track of mountain trails, clear streams, and waterfalls is an amazing program of activities for Scouts to enjoy for their summer camp experience.

You can find some information about what the camp has to offer here:


Participant TypeEarly Bird PricingRegular Pricing
AdultTBD. Will not exceed $225.00*
*All adults attending summer camp are required to be registered adults in the Boy Scouts of America. The fee of this registration will be added to your cost. This cost is $3.75 multiplied by the number of full months left in the year, based on the date of your application. If you register with the date of July 1, 2023, your additional cost will be $22.50.

Important Dates

January 26$50/Scout deposit due to lock-in early pricing. We need to know the names of all Scouts interested in going. Please RSVP in Troop Track and get your deposit in.
March 23$100/Scout in order to register for Merit Badges and programs.

Your choices for program and Merit Badges are due at this time, as well as the following contact information: home addresses and telephone numbers of all Scouts (including parents’ vacation address and phone number) or that of nearest relative, for use in emergencies.
May 4Final payment is due for all participants.
TBDAll required forms are due to be handed into the Troop.

Merit Badge Program

All Scouts must choose which Merit Badges they would like to take in advance. We must register you for the classes when we pay your final deposit. For that reason, your selections are due to Mrs. Shafer NO LATER than the Troop Meeting on March 23, 2023.

Using the Merit Badge Packet above, you will look through the Merit Badge options. Each Merit Badge lists its prerequisites. These are requirements you will need to complete before we leave for summer camp. You are responsible for making sure these requirements are completed and brought to camp. If you do not complete them you will receive a partial blue card and will need to complete it back at home.

NOTE: Not all Merit Badge Counselors will accept work done at summer camp. Make your life easier and do not take out Merit Badges where you will not do the prerequisites. You do not want to have to redo everything.

The last page of the packet is the Merit Badge Schedule. This is the form you need to return to Mrs. Shafer by March 23, 2023.

For each time slot, you will highlight the Merit Badges you wish to participate in. You should pick at least three Merit Badges for each time slot and identify which order of preference you would like, just in case classes fill up while we are registering. For example, if you really want to take Swimming at 9:00 AM, but would be okay with Metal Work, highlight both of them and put a 1 next to Swimming and a 2 next to Metal Work. You should be selecting Merit Badges from every time slot.

Mrs. Shafer, along with many other Troop Leaders, has a great deal of experience with Merit Badges and summer camp. For this reason, we do not allow certain Merit Badges to be taken at summer camp. For example; Camping, Cooking, and First Aid are generally not permitted at summer camp due to the nature of those badges and we do not want the content rushed. All of those can easily be obtained internally with Troop 10. Speak to Mrs. Shafer if you have any questions. Blue cards do not need to be specifically requested for these Merit Badges. We will put them together and have them with us when we arrive at camp.

For first-time campers, do not overload yourself. No one should be taking all Eagle-required Merit Badges. Summer camp is meant to be fun! Do not set yourself up for more work than you can actually do. Make sure to put some Merit Badges in there just for fun or just because it looks interesting.

We are requesting classes at the same time all other Troops are. There is NO guarantee you will get your first or even second pick. We will do our absolute best to get in there early and request first, but you are not officially assigned to a class until you receive confirmation from Mrs. Shafer.

Required Forms

Below are the required forms for all participants, both youth and adult. There are no exceptions unless explicitly listed here. These forms need to be handed in by the due date listed above. Failure to turn them in by the deadline may result in you no longer being able to participate in the camp, with no refund of any fees.

Take special note of the medical forms. These are not the normal medical forms for Scouting events. It requires a doctor’s appointment and signature. MAKE YOUR APPOINTMENTS NOW!

  • Home addresses and telephone numbers of all Scouts (including parents’ vacation address and phone number) or that of nearest relative, for use in emergencies.
  • Medical Form Parts ABC for your Scout and parent that will attend summer camp. This must be completed and handed in along with a copy of each participant’s medical insurance card, front and back. For Scouts, we will also need a copy of their most current immunization record. Please do not scan and email it. If you do not have this form you will be sent home from camp and will not be issued a refund! The form must be dated no earlier than July 15, 2022.
  • A list of all medications taken regularly, prescription or non-prescription. The dosages and frequency of the medication taken. These medications must also be listed on your medical form. We will need a Drug Administration Record filled out for each participant. Even if you have no medications, please fill out the top information area and Section 1 – Medications Supplied By Camp. Make sure to sign the forms.
  • A list of all food-related allergies and/or restrictions. This list should be given to the Troop and you will also need to fill out the following Google Form for the camp. Dietary Restriction Information. Failure to do so will result in the possibility of you not having food to eat at certain meals.
  • Any adult that is not currently registered as a leader will need to complete a BSA Adult Application and complete Youth Protection Training online.
    • BSA Adult Application: When you fill this out you will use the position code 91 and a Scouting Position Title of Scouter Reserve. Make sure to fill out all parts, including the Background Check Authorizations in the later pages. Everything must be signed and dated. Please date the form for July 1, 2023, to ensure the lowest amount to be added to your camp costs.
    • Youth Protection Training: This training will take about an hour and a half and is done completely online. Once completed, or if you are already trained, please print or email your certificate to Mr. Hartz and Mrs. D’souza. We cannot process adult applications without the certificate.