Troop 10 is 57 years old.  It began in 1963 when there was a need for additional troops within the South Brunswick area.  During this time South Brunswick was mainly a farming community.  This meant that there was an abundance of wooded land.  This of course allowed for the members of Troop 10 to learn their scout craft and become proficient.

It was also during this time that our scouts would attend summer camp at Camp Sachawawin later to become known as KMSR.  We also were one of the very first Troops to be invited to the Snuffy Hollow Camporee.  We have attended all but one of these Camporee’s since its inception in 1965.

With the assistance of a local farmer and former Mayor (Edgar Renk) another camporee was started with in South Brunswick known as Monkey Junction.  Troop 10 hosted the Monkey Junction Camporee for approximately 12 years.

During this time Scoutmaster Ken Blank added canoe trips on the canal and local rivers.  During Scoutmaster Blank’s tenure there were 10 of these type trips.  Of Course such men as Jim Shearer, Dan Evans, and Dick Bernard were great assets to the Troop.  All these men were Assistant Scoutmasters.

The first long term Scoutmaster was Howard Perdun.  He was instrumental in introducing our scouts to the wonderful world of Community Service.

The early years produced 3 Eagle Scouts Ted Schulz, Keith Figgins, in 1969, and Rob Priest in 1973.  We also changed our sponsors during Howard Perdun’s tenure.  We went from Miller Memorial Presbyterian Church to our current sponsor American Legion Post #401.

Under the regime of the next 3 Scoutmasters (Jack Pilato, Timothy Brunner and Tom Johnson) there came a focus on advancement.    Also during this time Rev. John Maltby and Ken Blank attended the Philmont Scout Reservation.  In 1989 and 1994 the Troop sent a contingent of scouts back to Philmont.

During this time several Eagle Scouts emerged.  These Eagles included Mike Machowski, Scott Kiedski, Glenn Pilato, and Matt Fede.  These Eagle Scouts helped lead the Thomas A. Edison contingent at 2 National Jamboree’s.

After Jim Robbins time as Scoutmaster the Troop took on another long term Scoutmaster.  This gentleman was Rich Charzewski.  Rich’s decade as Scoutmaster produced several Eagle Scouts.  Rich also moved us toward out of state summer camps including New York State and Deleware.  The Troop further enjoyed trips to battleship museums, and stays at West Point (where some of our members became cadets).

This brings us to our next Scoutmaster who took on the Troop and continued with the leadership it was accustomed to.  This man was Cass Jozitous.  Cass introduced us to Camp Henson (the Hilton of Summer Camps) and worked our scouts to the point where we always were in contention for a best overall ribbon.  When Cass moved on we then looked at Ray Kuehner to fill the role of Scoutmaster.  Ray set our direction and as always Troop 10 excelled.

We are now moving into a new era for Troop 10.  We are looking to produce more Eagle Scouts.

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