Pack Visit

At our last troop meeting troop 10 had a Pack visit our troop meeting. We showed them what it was like to be a Boy Scout and what we learn and do. We also taught them first aid in three different stations. It was even informative for the parent as well they learned about Scouting…

2022 Winter COH

Troop 10 recently had their winter COH. Many scouts ranked up and earned new Merit Badges. The COH was great. Many people earned many things and we congratulated. overall many scouts have advanced through their scouting journey!

Leave No Trace III

Hi everybody, our outdoor ethics guide asked me to post this on our website for all to see. Leave No Trace is how you leave the wild the way you found it so others can experience the same things as you did.

Leave No Trace II

Hi everybody our outdoor ethics guide asked me to post this on our website for all to see. It is a leave no trace pamphlet for people to learn about leave no trace.

Pumpkin Carving Meeting

Following up from our tradition from last Halloween we had another pumpkin carving meeting where everybody got their own pumpkins and we carved using pocketknives and other tools. Many scouts from our troop made very creative pumpkins. We were also wore our Halloween costumes. Many scouts wore amazing costumes. We all had a great time!

Snuffy Hollow Camporee

Last time at Snuffy Hollow, we had won and troop 10 had got the prize. This year we went back to defend out tittle. We had been holding frequent prep sessions which really helped the patrol build on their scout skills and working together. The scouts were able to complete all the stationsĀ and successfully go…

Leave No trace

To remind everybody about the importance of leave no trace attached to this post is a Leave No Trace pdf reminding everybody the basics of the Leave No Trace Principle.

Recruitment Night

At this troop meeting we had a recruitment night, where we showed Cub Scouts the exciting parts of being a boy scout. We set up tents, taught knots and did fishing. All the Cub scouts enjoyed this very much and we get them excited about joining Boy Scouts.

9/11 Ceremony

Troop 10 attended the local 9/11 Ceremony to honor all of the lives that were lost on the tragic day of September 11, 2001.

Rafting Trip

The rafting trip this year was a little more exciting that usual. The entire Troop had an Out of Boat Experience in the middle of some intense rapids. We were the second and third rafts involved in a 3 boat pile up trying to fit through a chute between two large boulders. 3 of us…

Troop 10 Popcorn Show and Sell

To raise fund for our troop for future events troop 10 set up a stall outside of a local QuickCheck and sold popcorn Overall we made lots of money and it was a very productive show and sell.

GaGa Ball: Fun meeting

During the last troop meeting for the summer troop 10 decided to have a fun meeting. We all played GaGa ball and handball. Even the adults, who didn’t want to miss out on the fun, joined in.